Sticking to the Facts… All About Labels

Whether you use them for product identification or shipping, for security or promotion, or for any other use, labels are a part of every business’s inventory of printed items. The earliest use of labels was for product identification; uses now include a wide range of applications across many industries.

Label, Sticker, or Decal?

We’ll begin our discussion of labels with a semantics question: what is the difference between a label, a sticker, and a decal? Since many people use the terms interchangeably, we think there’s no obvious answer beyond common usage.

  • When adhered to a product (such as a soup can or a piece of fruit) as a means of identifying or providing information about the product, we most often refer to the item as a label.
  • When affixed to something (the bumper of a car, the front of a package, or a voter leaving the polls) in order to call attention to what is written on it, we refer to the item as a sticker.
  • When the item can be moved from one surface (the substrate it is printed on) to another (a window, a model airplane), usually with the aid of heat or water, we refer to the item as a decal.


Alternative Ideas for Five Common Printing Projects

As you would expect, there are some products we typically print for many of our customers. Letterheads, note pads, thank you notes, newsletters, and brochures are common business printing projects for which we print multiple orders each week.

In this issue we’d like to suggest some options for refreshing the look of these printed materials… with a few simple changes.


Creating Successful Printer Customer Relationships

dv1221025If printing services is a budget line item for your company or organization, chances are someone is in charge of managing that budget by finding a reliable printing vendor – a company that charges a fair price, is dependable, has expertise in the kind of printing you need, and has the necessary production capability and capacity. When a company or organization that has a regular, recurring need for printing and finds a print vendor with the ability, intention, and willingness to meet that need, the two have a basis for forming a successful printing — customer relationship.


8 Ways to Save Money on Printing

dv1693002What’s your company’s budget for printing? Is it a measurable part of overall expenses, or such a small amount that it doesn’t even have its own line item? Whichever it is, we’d like to offer eight ways to make the budget dollars go farther.

We don’t always have the lowest price. But we always do have the best price — the price that represents the balance of job specifications, production time, quality, and on-time delivery. If you are not experiencing this level of performance with your current printer, we invite you contact us at 513-248-2121 to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.