USPS EDDM… Direct Mail Made Easy

MailLadyIn our last issue of Printips, we discussed the viability of direct mail as a marketing tool and presented the elements that make up a successful direct mail marketing campaign.
In this issue we are introducing a simple
first-step campaign for businesses that are new to direct mail or have a smaller budget. The program is called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), and it does just what its name implies — the letter carrier delivers your direct mail piece to every single active address in a neighborhood along with the rest of the day’s

Here’s what makes EDDM different from regular direct mail marketing:
• you don’t have to put an address on the mail piece, and
• the postage rate is the lowest one offered by the USPS — currently about 15 cents per piece mailed.
So in addition to saving between 40% and 70% on postage, there is no need to spend money on purchasing a mail list, checking the names and addresses for deliverability, or affixing labels.