Marketing on a Budget: How to Promote for Pennies

Whether you are a large or small business; whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit; regardless of what product or service you offer in the marketplace, some part of your regular activities has to include promoting. To be successful, your business or organization must interact with those you intend to serve – your clients, customers, patrons, members, subscribers, donors, or users – and must be constantly seeking to attract the attention of those who can benefit from what you offer.

Businesses are comfortable talking about this process as a selling system – a way of regularly interacting and connecting with customers and prospects. And though organizations, particularly non-profits, may have difficulty seeing their outreach activities as a selling system, it actually fits a broad definition.

People buy from people. People join or give because someone asked. That means that ultimately success comes from people connecting to people. So how can a business or organization set about making a connection, particularly with a stranger? The answer is simple — by regularly engaging in unobtrusive outreach activities.