Creating Effective Presentations

Making presentations is a part of business life. Whether it is a presentation to staff or a sales meeting with a significant client or prospect, there is nothing that helps bring the point home more than a well-produced and rehearsed professional quality presentation. An effective presentation allows the audience to experience the power of words and pictures simultaneously, which increases comprehension and retention of the material.

There are some tools and tips for enhancing the power of presentations. This issue provides some information on preparing slides or overheads, on speaking, and on providing supporting material to your audience.


Business Cards… The Indispensable Marketing Tool

BCphotoHere’s an intriguing question — can you name a digital technology that has the equivalent universality of a printed business card? Lots of digital technologies — smart phones, the electronic Rolodex, social media sites like LinkedIn — provide ways to access, organize, and display the contact information found on a printed business card. But none offer the ease of exchange between any giver and any receiver as does a business card.

A January 2014 survey by of 1000 small businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia revealed that 87% of respondents exchange business cards when meeting someone for the first time. Two thirds of respondents said they subsequently enter the business card information into a smart phone or Rolodex. So even though the contact information may ultimately be transferred to a digital format, the printed business card is still the best way to get information into the hands of a customer or prospect.


Printed Brochures… How to Make Them Effective

Consider the elegant simplicity of a printed brochure – it is a concise, attractive, and versatile compilation of information about a company, product, service, event, or location.

It can be handed out during a person-to-person sales call or distributed as direct mail; made available in a literature rack or on a table at a trade show; sent in response to an inquiry or left behind on a cold call. It can be economically printed in both small and large quantities. As a sales tool, a brochure is appropriate for almost any selling situation.

Planning a brochure
A brochure is made up of three elements: the copy; the design; and the physical specifications. All are equally important for creating an effective brochure.


Polish Your Presentations to Perfection

Making presentations is a part of business life. Whether it is a presentation to staff or a sales meeting with a significant client or prospect, there is nothing that helps bring the point home more than a well produced and rehearsed professional quality presentation. An effective presentation allows the audience to experience the power of words and pictures simultaneously, which increases comprehension and retention of the material.

There are some tools and tips for enhancing the power of presentations. In this issue of Printips we’ll provide some information on preparing slides or overheads, on speaking and on providing supporting material to your audience.