New Media Means… New Ways to Reach Customers

The term old media and its companion legacy media refer to traditional ways of communicating with customers. Printers are generally considered to be part of old media, along with other paper-based industries like newspapers, magazines, and books, as well as radio, television, and movies. In contrast, new media is digital and includes the Internet, websites, and most computer-based forms of communication.

New media is exciting because it brings new tools to the process of communicating with customers – tools like full color printing, highly personalized sales messages, and interactive outreach – as well as empowering prospects and customers to quickly and easily find reliable information about products, services, and vendors.

In this issue of Printips, we present an overview of ways we can help you take advantage of new media to communicate with your customers and prospects. We recommend that you add these to your sales and marketing activities rather than replacing what you are already doing. This is because we firmly believe that new media is not replacing old, but adding to available communication possibilities.