Post Cards… The Workhorse of Direct Mail Marketing

A post card is one of the most versatile, inexpensive, and effective tools you can have in your marketing tool kit. Compared to the effort and cost of a brochure or a traditional direct mail package mailed in an envelope, a post card is quick, easy, and a great way to stretch your marketing budget. In addition, some kinds of post cards will help you keep your mailing list updated.

Think of a post card as a miniature billboard – a design space that can hold
• a photograph of a new product, a staff member, or your location
• a handwritten message to customers
• a published article
• a reminder of an upcoming event
• a request for an appointment
• a mini newsletter
• a discount coupon or admission ticket
• a newsworthy happening in your company

The advantage of a post card is that it does not have to be opened to be read, and if creatively designed, can have impact far beyond its size and cost.