Maintaining a Mail List… Do It Yourself & Do It Right

One of the most valuable assets any company has is its mail list – the compilation of information about customers and prospects that facilitates the ability to communicate with them. In its simplest form, a mail list consists of the individual’s or company’s name and a complete, accurate address. Including additional data elements such as contact name, telephone number, e-mail address adds value to the mail list. Add other information not related to contacting the individual or business (such as when a membership expires or when the last purchase was made), and you’re creating a rich database of information that can be mined for sales and marketing purposes.

Why is a mail list important?

Despite the growing popularity of web-based communication and mobile marketing, direct mail is now and will remain a fundamental tool for contacting customers. Not all customers accept or read unsolicited e-mail messages. Some businesses and organizations automatically block unsolicited e-mail messages addressed to their employees. Some messages are not suited to e-mail. And even if these conditions did not exist, you are more likely to reach the target of your message if you vary how it is delivered.

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