Creating Successful Printer Customer Relationships

dv1221025If printing services is a budget line item for your company or organization, chances are someone is in charge of managing that budget by finding a reliable printing vendor – a company that charges a fair price, is dependable, has expertise in the kind of printing you need, and has the necessary production capability and capacity. When a company or organization that has a regular, recurring need for printing and finds a print vendor with the ability, intention, and willingness to meet that need, the two have a basis for forming a successful printing – customer relationship.


Business Cards… The Indispensable Marketing Tool

BCphotoHere’s an intriguing question — can you name a digital technology that has the equivalent universality of a printed business card? Lots of digital technologies — smart phones, the electronic Rolodex, social media sites like LinkedIn — provide ways to access, organize, and display the contact information found on a printed business card. But none offer the ease of exchange between any giver and any receiver as does a business card.

A January 2014 survey by of 1000 small businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia revealed that 87% of respondents exchange business cards when meeting someone for the first time. Two thirds of respondents said they subsequently enter the business card information into a smart phone or Rolodex. So even though the contact information may ultimately be transferred to a digital format, the printed business card is still the best way to get information into the hands of a customer or prospect.